How do I find my Keycode for Webroot ?

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  • Steps to follow in order to find your keycode for Webroot
  • • Run the software in your device – The first thing that you have to do is open the antirust software in order to find the keycode. This will show you a user interface where you can find various setting options.
  • • Go to your accounts setting – After that you have to find the “My Account” setting in your antivirus software. You have to double click on the option in order to go to the next step.
  • • Windows open with a passcode – When you double click on your antivirus software’s My account option then it will open a new window which contains various information. So you can check all the information available there in which you can find the keycode to your antivirus software and it subscription time.
Some people might make simple errors when entering these keycodes. You have to make sure that you avoid making these problems so that you do not face any type of inconvenience. When you download the official version of your software then you can ask for a new keycode.

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