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Top Ways to Stop Webroot Activation Problem Message to Appear

1. Whenever you encounter with the Webroot Activation message, immediately check the Webroot Account and see whether you have placed your ‘Activation Key’ in the panel or not. If the activation key is missing, try to follow the instruction to add the license keycode to the Webroot Account.

  • Open the Webroot Secure Anywhere website menu.
  • Click ‘Manage Keycodes’.
  • Here, click ‘Add Product Keycode’ to open the keycode field.
  • Please enter the product keycode and click Add.

If you still face Webroot Activation problem, you can always connect with our Webroot Support team. Even if the key is available and not missing from its required place, you must contact to our Webroot Technical Support team immediately. Dial Toll-Free (Number).

2. If you have not created the Webroot Account yet, please go through the step by step process of creating Webroot Account as given below –

  • Open your browser and visit the official website of Webroot Secure Anywhere
  • Click Sign Up button and complete the registration process by providing required credentials and information. (Choose an easy to remember personal security code to successfully pass the future verification steps)
  • Once the registration is completed, the Webroot authorities will email you for account verification process. Open you email and do the required verification.
  • Now you can purchase the Webroot Secure Anywhere and receive the keycode from the official website. Use this keycode during installation process.

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